KRS-1 was the moment. ( … )

” It takes an eterity for each moment to become true. It takes an eteriny for you to met anyone in your life! It takes an eternity for you to be you! – each moment is unique , you are unique! There’s nobody else like you! You come from eternity and you are eternity , nothing exist or happens whitout a reason , whitout you , nothing would’ve exist! Everything is connected! You are everything! You are everyone! Dreams come true and everything , no matter what , was already calculated! Doesn’t mean that it was meant to happend like that , no , what I say is all the possibilities are calculated! Everything you can think about , is already calculated to happen , to exist , and this information is stored somewhere , everywhere. Small steps get you far , what you think , you become , be aware! You create possibilities , what you give , you get because you create your possibilities from your results, so if the result was negativ ,it will build an equation whit an negativ conclusion as well. Everything is possible! You take the choices , is your free will!
Don’t forget , you are everything! You exist since ever and you’ll keep doing it for ever!!! ”

Lucian Turcinschi


One thought on “KRS-1 was the moment. ( … )

  1. Lucian, Thank you for following my blog. Your view on eternity is quite interesting and I enjoyed reviewing your other posts. I wish I had the back story on Maureen. Is it posted anywhere? (or is it too private?)

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