What is what?


The soul tends to be attracted to what the subconscious already knows. Deamon and angel in the same time , the subconscius mind is in a constant battle with the counscious one. The full illumination of the mind brings death. Is our ultimate victory upon ourselves . But this is a hard battle , a very hard battle and the winners are few. One that I have in mind now is Buddha. He won the battle with himself! All his knowdlege and teachings are not even a fraction of his ”war” experience! He as anyone , was asking for answers. They came , no doubt about that ! But when the soul is hungry and has found ”food’ , it eats a lot more fast than he can digest.
With this ”full belly” everything was fine and happiness was all over !
But then the ”digestion” started ! Connections between answers were clearer and clearer , answers were creating other questions , and those questions were the answer to another questions and so on ! Untill , the ultimate answer was bursting into ”flames” and there was no more darkness left! Not even a little tiny bit! And then , he died! 🙂

For Maureen , with love!

I miss you!


One thought on “What is what?

  1. The atoms spinning about a divine energy; the brain attempting to interpret consciousness — its all quite much. I pray you’ll enjoy basking in higher aspects… with time there is choice.
    ~ Eric

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