The guilt of the genius.

The guilt of the genius.

Following others shows many things.
I want to learn.
I’m curious.
I think what he/she does is amazing.
I like that.
I find myself in that.
So on , so on…

Sometimes tho’ , following somebody else’s ideas and concepts , can show how incapable to generate your own ideas and concepts you are.
This happens when we feel to attracted by somebodys work or lifestyle or we think we find ourself in those more than we really do!
In this kind of situation , most of the times without even being aware , we are lost.
We are unable to see who WE really are!
Our lifes is so much influenced , that ”ourselves” is somewhere in the background!
In an previous article i was talkin’ about the identity lack of humanity.
This has something to do with that.

Somehow , this is the paradox , the guilt of the genius:
( a lot of times is hard even for a genius to see it , to fully understand what is he doing )

Geniuses bring ”wow” in the world , and this ”wow” most of the times is seen as something good!
But geniuses create envy in peoples hearts and minds , jealousy , suffering , sadness , and lots of other ”i’m not good enough” feelings. Also here, most of the times in a subconscious level.
Geniuses creates categories and standards , they put limits and borders. They create dreams , goals , targets!
For an untrained mind , those have a devastating effect!

Worshiping a simple , dying ( maybe dead already ) human being is absolutely disgusting!

Books , paintings , photos , movies , songs , and so on they only divide and separate!
The unity we all talk about those days it may be more far than we think!

Isn’t this , what ”the devil” did in the beginnings of time?
Didn’t he said ”…let me show you!…”?

That’s why being stupid is being happy! πŸ™‚

For Maureen , with love!

I miss you!


21 thoughts on “The guilt of the genius.

  1. “The kingdom of God is within”.. I think, believe, we get lost in searching for it in others, forgetting it’s all right here, all the time. That what we feel for another is actually within us at that moment and whenever we open ourselves up to it.

  2. I really love this post…just today I found so many amazing blogs…they made me happy because they reminded me how amazing people are and the stuff we can come up with….but I had a tiny bit of envy lurking somewhere afterwards…I have it a sharp smack and knocked it away and tried to stay with my awe and happiness instead…then I found your blog – another amazing and different thing someone else is doing….thanks for liking my post and pointing me in the direction of your blog

  3. Personally, I believe there is no stupid person in the world. Everyone has his/her own contribution to make. Even geniuses do not know everything and some ordinary people might know what the geniuses do not.

  4. I enjoy looking at the work of other artists. I don’t feel capable of imitating anyone. I am me. I create what I am called to create. I enjoyed the composition of your pictures, but the simplicity of the hand in the rain got me. When my children were little and we lived out in the woods I would dance in the warm-ish Spring rain with them for the sheer happiness of the moment. Laur of Esther’s Girls
    P.S. Thanks for coming over to visit at my blog.

  5. if there are geniuses, then why is there no cure for cancers, no cold fusion, no time travel. where are their contributions to society? it is the average joe/joanne who toils and labors to produce quality work that benefits all.

    • I agree 100% with the last part of your message.
      No cure for cancer , no cold fusion , no time travel , no teleportation , and so many others are not used on public view because of many reasons. One of them is that the average Joe/Joanne still , must work , the society must consume every last bit of resources before the big technology jump… Humans are also a resource. And as a security measure , so this end of resources will not catch humanity off guard , the ”S.F” technology exist already! Is just a matter of time , steps , etc.

      Well , I’m glad you visited my blog! πŸ˜€

      “See”” you next time!


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