Missing you ( … )

I can’t keep doing this with you
See I ain’t got nothing left to lose
You’ve kept me on a string with my heart removed
You throw me in the dark like my pain is your fuel

Time and time again
I heard you say
I promise till the end
Well here we are
Look at us now

You’re so cruel, yeah you love the drama
You’re my karma so I don’t bother,
Asking the Holy Father to block the demons you harbor
Here we go again, got you so deep under my skin
I can’t even tell the difference
Where you end and where I begin (I can never win)
I’ve tried every now and then
When you pulled the pin
And loved to watch me pick up the pieces
The cracks showed, had a taste and I was sold
You said you wanted all of me in exchange so here you go


Credits : Mr. Probz – Look at us now


For Maureen , with love!!

I miss you!


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