You may convince ”white” that he is ”black” but that dosen’t mean he is really ”black” !

I was reading something yesterday saying that ” … the Devil only wants to show us the tyranny of God and how much He manipulates us…”

But even so , even if God it is manipulative and is hiding ”things” from us , even so , He is the source!
Is not a matter of choice anymore when we talk about wich side are we , ”good” or ”bad”
( those two terms are relative ) , our free will end at this point!
A cow cannot give birth to a pig and so on….
We are all in God even if we want it or not , that’s the truth!
Is like trying to convince a kid , that his parents are really really bad for him and somewere else or somebody else can make him feel more protect , more secure , more happy!
The kid may do it . Run from home , fighting whit the parents , so on , so on…
How sad and depressed this kind of persons become…

Having a good relationship with the ”parents” is all we need!
I’m not talking about things like , don’t drink , fuck , swear , do drugs , smoke ,bla , bla , bla
No at all! That’s where the free will , is free , but everything have a price…

Be good! Take care!

For Maureen , with love!

I miss you!


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