Maureen ( the reason )

( the reason )

Photo taken in Orgiva , Spain.

For Maureen , with love!

I miss you!


11 thoughts on “Maureen ( the reason )

  1. This is not only a portrait, it’s a story, for behind the girl lies a country estate, or perhaps a church, but I see two steeples. This reminds me so much of Dr. Zhivago! Maureen is truly lucky to be such a wonderful part of the composition of this story!

    • This shot was made in Orgiva , Spain. Yup , it is a church in the background.
      I hope one day , Maureen will read this comment!
      Thank you very much for passin’ by! God bless you!


  2. I blinked when I saw this – as although I use the moniker “Mo” now, my full name is Maureen! But not your Maureen, sorry to say. Nice to come across your blog and thanks for following me, happy to return the favour.

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